What is the size of the Travel Blanket?
The Travel Blanket is 82" x 36" (the perfect size for ultimate versatility)

What is the size of the Boss Blanket?
The Boss Blanket is 120" x 52" (wonderfully oversized)

Is a bag included with my blanket?
Yes! A safe-keep bag is included with both the Travel Blanket and Boss Blanket for easy storage.

What materials are E Marie products made from?
An incredibly soft blend of 63% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 4% Spandex. Trust us—it's heavenly.

Does E Marie use any animal products?
No. Our products are made from 100% animal-free materials.

How can I use my Travel Blanket or Boss Blanket?
You can style it as a scarf or over-the-shoulder shawl, use it as a blanket, or pack it up in the safe-keep bag to use it as a pillow.

Is my blanket machine washable?
All of our pieces are easy-care and machine washable—hooray! Just adjust your settings to cold water and tumble dry.

What is your return policy?
We have a 14 day return policy. All products must be returned in new condition with original tags included. You can initiate returns or exchanges by going to https://getemarie.returnscenter.com/

How can I contact E Marie Travel?
For general inquiries, you can reach our incredible team by going to our contact page or for customer support, email info@getemarie.com.